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AIS offers a whole-person approach to the treatment of stuttering.
Services are available in New York City, Atlanta, and Online.

Being called on in class. Walking into a job interview. Introducing yourself at a party. If you’re someone who stutters, situations like these can set off your internal panic button. And as time goes on, you may find yourself holding back in more and more areas of your life. Keeping yourself on the sidelines. Silencing your voice. Believing that you are somehow less of a person because you stutter.

At the American Institute for Stuttering, we’ve made it our mission to break this cycle. You’ll learn to minimize the struggle of your stuttering and speak with greater ease. Most importantly, you’ll discover that stuttering doesn’t have to hold you back in any way. We will help you speak freely. And live fearlessly.

Take a closer look at AIS’ unique treatment model.


17nov - 18nov 179:00 amnov 18November 17th - November 18thTwo-Day Fear Reduction Workshop (New York City)
20nov6:30 pmNovember 20thTuesday Night Group
27nov6:30 pmNovember 27thTuesday Night Group


6dec9:00 am- 6:00 amDecember 6thAIS Speaker Series with Eric Jackson - Observing the Unobservable: The Phenomenon of Stuttering Anticipation


14jan - 19jan 149:00 amjan 19January 14th - 19thOne-Week Immersion Program (NEW YORK CITY)


24jun - 29jun 249:00 amjun 29June 24th - 29thAdult Immersion Program (New York City)


29jul - 3augjul 299:00 amaug 3July 29th - August 3rdAdult Immersion Program (New York City)


29jul - 3augjul 299:00 amaug 3July 29th - August 3rdAdult Immersion Program (New York City)
12aug - 17aug 129:00 amaug 17Teen Immersion Program (New York City)Teen Immersion Program (New York City)


Learn about our one-week immersion therapy programs

What do people want to know when they reach out to us?

AIS Works

The first question people usually ask is “Does it work?”. In one study, AIS clients showed an average of 50-60% reduction in stuttering. They also reported greatly improved communicative confidence and overall quality of life. See more results…

Client Testimonials

Clients regularly tell us that coming to AIS was life-changing. Why do our clients feel freer and more confident? Can AIS change your life? Instead of hearing it from us, see stories from our clients firsthand. Read more…

Financial Assistance

If you think you can’t afford treatment at AIS, think again. Thanks to the generosity of private and corporate donors, we offer scholarships to help fund treatment. We know how stuttering therapy can impact someone’s life and our primary mission is to make quality therapy universally affordable. Learn more about our financial assistance program. Read more…

Learn more about our therapy approach, success stories, and financial assistance.

Our unique approach

Success stories

Financial assistance

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