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Cognitive bias: What is it and how does it relate to stuttering?

This free event is open to the public.

Cognitive bias is the tendency for people to prioritize things in their environment that align with what they expect to find. For example, research has shown that people who are socially anxious tend to pay greater attention to negative social cues (for example, people who look angry or afraid) rather than neutral or positive social cues. Dr. Rodgers will summarize her recent research on cognitive bias among young people who stutter. Following, she will facilitate discussion about how our own cognitive biases, like paying attention to negative listener reactions, may contribute to our experience of stuttering.

Dr. Naomi Rodgers is an assistant professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she researches the psychosocial aspects of stuttering and teaches students of speech-language pathology. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences as a person who stutters, professional experiences as a speech-language pathologist, and involvement in the stuttering self-help community.