Chamonix explains the discovery of a genetic link to stuttering

Chamonix explains the latest news in our field, the discovery of a genetic link to stuttering.

For more information, read this CNN article and the original article in the New England Journal of Medicine. And as Chamonix said, check back here for our reactions to this announcement and what it might mean for people who stutter and their families.

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  1. Bruce Baker August 6, 2010 at 11:06 pm - Reply


    It was interesting to hear about defective genes being involved with stuttering.

    It is, however, too early I would think to derive any conclusions about it and there is no mention of what can be done biologically to correct this condition even if it is confirmed as being absolutely true.

    On the other hand it does to a certain extent, depending on the individual, allow you to feel better about your stuttering if you have not been all that successful in the treatment you have received for it. That is, if there is a genetic cause, well then it is not your fault!

    If only this was true not that I think it is a person’s “fault” that they stutter, I don’t think that anyone who stutters really wants to stutter.

    However, as Alfred Adler, an early associate of Sigmund Freud who actually specialized in neuro-psychology and the belief that most if not nearly all nervous problems derived from actual physical problems was quoted as once saying: ” Do not forget that the most important fact that not heredity and not environment are determining factors–Both are giving only the frame and the influence which are answered by the individual in regard to his/her styled creative power”

    However it was nice to see the lovely Chamonix present the information.

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