The International Online Cluttering Conference is happening now

cc10We first talked about cluttering with Craig, an intensive program client from this past January. Well, cluttering continues to draw much-needed attention in a big way with the start of the first-ever online conference about cluttering.

The International Online Cluttering Conference is offered by Minnesota State University, Mankato, in conjunction with the International Cluttering Association and the Education and Resources committee of the Special Interest Division 4, Fluency and Fluency Disorders.

The conference is a gathering of the brightest minds in the field of cluttering. From the conference website:

The contributions in this conference reflect professional and consumer interests about cluttering and are presented by individuals representing eight different countries: Bulgaria, Canada, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, and the United States. Each paper also has a threaded discussion page for your comments and questions. The authors’ papers will be permanently archived on the Stuttering Home Page for you to read at any time ( From April 14-May 5, 2010, threaded discussions attached to the papers will be available to ask questions of the authors. Feel free to post your questions/comments at any time and check back for any response from the author.

The topics of discussion include Learning About Cluttering, Assessment and Treatment of Cluttering, Research About Cluttering, and Spreading the Word about Cluttering. There is also the opportunity to ask questions of university professors in the field.

If you are interested in learning more about cluttering, whether because you clutter yourself, know someone who does, or just are curious, join the discussion at the International Online Cluttering Conference!

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