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You’re in the right place to see AIS team members in the spotlight.

AIS Board Member Emily Blunt Opens Up About Stuttering
April 2018
In numerous interviews, AIS Board Member & Actress Emily Blunt shared her experiences growing up as a person who stutters. “A stutter can be like a straitjacket,” she says. “I struggled with vowels, so ‘Emily’ was like the depths of hell for me.”
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2017 American Institute for Stuttering Gala
June 26, 2017
Eric Dinallo, Esz., Wayne Brady, and Katy Dickson were honored and the Emily Blunt served as the mistress of ceremonies.
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2016 American Institute for Stuttering Gala
June 6, 2016
EmCee Clarence Page helped us honor Bruce Willis and Aaron Graff. Vice President Joe Biden joined as a featured speaker.
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I Think My Child is Stuttering – What Should I Do?
November 2014
AIS Director Dr. Heather Grossman’s wrote an article, “I think my child is stuttering, what should I do?” that was published in the November 2014 edition of Manhattan Family magazine.
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AIS & Stuttering Featured on Katie Couric
May 30, 2014
Recently, Dr. Heather Grossman, Executive Director of the American Institute for Stuttering, appeared on Katie Couric for a segment on stuttering.
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New York Viewpoint
July 9, 2012
AIS Clinical Director Heather Grossman and two AIS clients discuss stuttering.
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WPIX Morning News
October 28, 2011
AIS speech-language pathologist Amy Streakas joins college student Philip Garber, Jr. to discuss raising awareness about stuttering.
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El Diario
October 21, 2011
AIS Clinical Director Heather Grossman was interviewed for a piece on stuttering treatment for children in El Diario.
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March 5, 2011
AIS clients Char and Derek and AIS Executive Director Chamonix Sikora are interviewed for Good Day Street Talk. Click on the second video icon that says ‘Click to Watch Video’.

Fresh 102.7 – CBS Radio
March 2, 2011
Deb Gordon interviews AIS Executive Director Chamonix Sikora for FM Magazine on Fresh 102.7/CBS Radio.
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February 28, 2011
AIS client Joel and his father are featured in this news piece, along with AIS Executive Director Chamonix Sikora and clinician Carl Herder.

The Leonard Lopate Show
January 28, 2011
AIS Executive Director Chamonix Sikora and Dr. Barry Guitar (University of Vermont) explain what stuttering is and discuss its causes and treatments for National Public Radio’s WNYC.
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February 12, 2011
AIS Executive Director Chamonix Sikora and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and AIS Board Member Clarence Page discuss stuttering.

Chicago Tribune
December 29, 2010
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and AIS Board Member Clarence Page writes about ‘The King’s Speech’ and recalls his own experience with stuttering. Featured in the article is AIS client Adam.
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New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough
December 7, 2010
Chamonix Sikora and AIS client Derek are interviewed.
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USA Today
November 25, 2010
AIS client Derek speaks about his experiences with stuttering. Also interviewed are Chamonix Sikora and screenwriter of ‘The King’s Speech’, David Seidler.
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WPIX 11 Morning News
November 22, 2010
AIS client Darius and his mother talk about stuttering and his therapy at AIS. Also interviewed is Chamonix Sikora.

Podcast Interview with StutterTalk
August 18, 2008
AIS Founder Catherine Montgomery joins StutterTalk hosts Peter Reitzes and Eric Jackson for a discussion about becoming fearless with stuttering.
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MTV True Life: ‘I Stutter’
November 30, 2007
Caryn enters the intensive program at AIS to help manage her stuttering.
Please note: The activity of “advertising” stuttering on the subway is NOT a required part of the program. It is OPTIONAL and Caryn chose to do it!
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Inside Lehman: AIS Founder, Catherine Montgomery
June 19, 2007
“This is a piece which follows the American Institute for Stuttering in NY. They do amazing work with helping people who stutter.”
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