Harvey Weinstein Explains Re-Releasing The King’s Speech: PG-13

The Weinstein Company/The Daily Beast

The release of The King’s Speech: PG-13 found resistance among some critics who wondered if it was just a ploy for padding box office sales.

Harvey Weinstein, head of The Weinstein Company, recently responded to these insinuations in an article for The Daily Beast, where he reveals his motivations for re-releasing The King’s Speech in the more family-friendly form.

In the article, Harvey writes:

We’ve heard from children who’ve connected to the film and found the courage to stand up to bullying. That’s why this decision was made. Sometimes I make decisions as the head of a company, but in this case I made the decision as a dad.

Read Harvey Weinstein’s article on The Daily Beast.

Also, Lawrence Toppman compares the ‘R’ rating of the original film to the PG-13 ratings of violence-charged films in this article for The Charlotte Observer.

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