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Client Testimonials

See what past and current AIS clients have to say about our approach and how AIS has helped them to speak freely and live fearlessly.

“Before I came to this program, my life was dominated by fear of stuttering, the fear of what others thought about the way I talk, and what they thought about me. I guess about 90% of the decisions I’ve ever made were dictated by an unbendable composer – my stutter. I knew I couldn’t live this way. It wasn’t until I came to AIS that I was taught to let go of all the fears I had bottled up in my life and all the consequences fear instilled in my speech.”
Augie K.

“My stuttering was so bad – I was affected both physically and emotionally. My life changed when I was referred to AIS. AIS is not only an institute for modifying speech, it is also a home. From the first day, I recognized this was definitely the environment that could change the life of any stutterer. I have changed a lot in a very positive way. I am a lot more courageous and willing to speak. This would not have been possible without the help of the entire AIS organization.”
Desmond B.

“Overall, my life has completely changed. I do things now that I would have never dreamed possible. It is astounding how much more comfortable I have become in public speaking situations…
I may even be starting to like it. A few people have commented that I seem like a different person, and in many ways, I think that I am. These have been some of the most influential and important times in my life.”
Joel Korte

“I just wanted to let you know how much my life has changed and how much of an impact you and AIS has had on my everyday life and my moment to moment choices.
I’m stronger than before and enjoying every minute of life.
You helped me to find the person locked inside and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Kamela Mohabeer

“I have spent the last couple months making 400-550 cold calls per week, and I am about to start a new sales job.
I think its really ironic that I get paid everyday to do the very thing I had the most trouble doing for most of my life – talking. And to think, I am even good at it : )
Thanks for all the help, AIS has been one of the most valuable things in my life.”
Will Powers

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