Voluntary stuttering: Taking a lesson from musicians

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This past Saturday, we held a one-day refresher therapy course for past clients. We spent the day working on voluntary stuttering and reviewing vocal fold management. During our conversation about voluntary stuttering, one of the participants shared a very interesting point. She has a friend who is a professional oboe player. Whenever he has a [...]

Two great videos on how diaphragmatic breathing works

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Here's a fantastic video that demonstrates the internal workings of normal diaphragmatic breathing. I have been showing this to clients recently during sessions when we cover diaphragmatic breathing, and it has been a big hit! Also, here is another video with color-coordinated detail of the diaphragm, lungs, intercostal muscles, and surrounding organs (and also features [...]

Four Questions: The Pros and Cons of Stuttering and Fluency

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In the third week of each intensive therapy program, we have the participants contemplate and answer the following questions: What's 'bad' about stuttering? What have been the benefits of your stuttering? Is there any downside to being a more fluent speaker? Lastly, what are the benefits of managing your speech effectively and speaking more fluently? [...]

Joe prepares for an interview

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In an individual therapy session at AIS, Joe prepares for an interview by reviewing his vocal fold management strategies and then role playing the interview with his speech therapist, Carl. Of course, Joe is hopeful that he gets the gig, but understands this will be great practice for upcoming interviews if it doesn't work out [...]

A great research article on the SpeechEasy

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AIS clinician Chamonix Olsen introduces you to a great research article on the SpeechEasy written by current AIS intern Ryan Pollard and John Ellis. [embedded video] You can read the article – The SpeechEasy: Emerging evidence for interested clinicians and prospective buyers – on The Stuttering Homepage. The article has also been published in the [...]