AIS Speech Therapist Kristel Kubart on StutterTalk Podcast

Kristel Kubart, one of our talented speech-language pathologists, was recently interviewed for the StutterTalk Podcast. Kristel, who is recently married, talked with StutterTalk host, Peter Reitzes, about stuttering and how it relates to marriage and many other issues. Kristel is a person who stutters herself, and like Sara MacIntyre's episode, Kristel and Peter also talked [...]

Stuttering and Relationships: Nicole and Tadeo

Nicole attended the American Institute for Stuttering intensive therapy program in January 2011. She and her boyfriend Tadeo discuss her covert stuttering, the way it has affected her personally, and the impact stuttering has had on their relationship.

Clare and her boyfriend Brett discuss stuttering

Clare traveled from California to attend the January 2011 intensive therapy program at the American Institute for Stuttering. Her boyfriend Brett visited her here in New York for the last week of the program. In this video, they discuss stuttering and the role it has played in their relationship.