3 Ways to Promote Self-Advocacy in Children who Stutter

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As a speech therapist who works with children who stutter, I have found that one of the most important components of a successful therapy experience is giving the child skills to be their own self-advocate. We live in a world where there are many myths, falsehoods, and inaccuracies circulating about stuttering, and the “best ways” [...]

School SLP’s: 5 Ways to Support Your Student Who Stutters

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School SLP's: 5 Ways to Support Your Student Who Stutters It’s the start of a new school year. This means new teachers, new classrooms, new subjects, new friends, and a whole bunch of new speaking situations. For your students who stutter, this is likely the most challenging time of the year. As their school speech-language [...]

Slice of Life: I am more than my stutter

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Bibi is one of the many unique personalities with whom we've come into contact since establishing our new office in Atlanta, GA. Near the end of last school year, she was feeling tired of the impact stuttering was having on her life, and decided to ask a speech therapist at her high school if help [...]

Going Back to School as a Teen Who Stutters

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Grace having some fun at the FRIENDS Conference in 2015 where she had the opportunity to meet other teens who stutter. Hi everyone! My name is Grace and I’m so excited to be writing a back to school post for the AIS blog! I just started my sophomore year at a pretty small [...]

Back to school resources for children who stutter and their parents

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It's that time of year again! We know the beginning of the school year presents unique challenges for children who stutter as well as their parents. Here are several resources to help you with the transition back to school. The Stuttering Foundation offers a variety of back to school resources on their website. We specifically [...]

Being a teenager who stutters

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Jodriann regularly attends our weekly teen therapy group. He agreed to share with our blog by answering a few questions about being a teen who stutters. Jodriann is no stranger to the AIS Blog. In 2009, he gave a speech at the AIS gala and was kind enough to share his feelings about the speech [...]

Stuttering and the shy child

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Since my return to the American Institute for Stuttering, I've been badgering the AIS staff about possible topics for new blog posts. I recently heard Amy Strekas share about her interest in shyness and its relation to people who stutter. So, naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to pay it forward to the AIS Blog. [...]

Starting the school year on the right foot: Part 2

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Chamonix and I had a discussion last week regarding considerations for children who stutter in this 'back to school' season. Below are some of the important parts of our conversation. In Part 1, I highlighted parent-teacher and student-teacher meetings, and suggestions for the teacher. Disclosure of Stuttering to Others In a previous AIS Blog post, [...]

Starting the school year on the right foot: Part 1

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There are many considerations for children who stutter and their parents in this 'back to school' season. Chamonix and I recently discussed this matter as we've both been addressing this issue with the children and families with whom we work. So, what can students and parents do to start out the school year on the [...]