An intern’s perspective on the July intensive – by Becky Weinberg

As an intern with no knowledge of stuttering or speech pathology in general, my first instinct upon learning of the intensive taking place was to stay far, far away. When I had to walk through the group, whether they were playing games, joking around or being educated about their stuttering, I would zip through as [...]

January 2012 Intensive Program

Below is an essay written by one of our clients about his experience attending our last 3-week intensive program: My name is Desmond Brown, and I am a stutterer. I started stuttering from about age three and found it more arduous as I got older. My stuttering was so bad that I read at a [...]

Stuttering and Relationships: Nicole and Tadeo

Nicole attended the American Institute for Stuttering intensive therapy program in January 2011. She and her boyfriend Tadeo discuss her covert stuttering, the way it has affected her personally, and the impact stuttering has had on their relationship.

Clare and her boyfriend Brett discuss stuttering

Clare traveled from California to attend the January 2011 intensive therapy program at the American Institute for Stuttering. Her boyfriend Brett visited her here in New York for the last week of the program. In this video, they discuss stuttering and the role it has played in their relationship.

The 34th Street challenge!

The January intensive therapy program is now in the books. In the next few weeks, we'll share various posts and videos from the program. Here, several participants decided to accept a challenge from Carl. The group was on their way to Macy's, where they would practice integrating several mental and physical strategies with various employees. [...]

Accepting stuttering: Mike’s Friends and Family Day speech

At the end of every AIS intensive stuttering therapy program, we have Friends and Family Day, where clients invite their friends and family to watch them give a speech. It's the highlight of every intensive program here, when the clients face their fears and embrace the freedom to speak. The August intensive program had their [...]

Despite my stuttering…

Participants in the June intensive therapy program first share how their stuttering makes them feel and then share information about themselves that is true despite their stuttering. These guys have been truly courageous throughout the first two weeks of the program and are now heading into the home stretch.

Four Questions: The Pros and Cons of Stuttering and Fluency

In the third week of each intensive therapy program, we have the participants contemplate and answer the following questions: What's 'bad' about stuttering? What have been the benefits of your stuttering? Is there any downside to being a more fluent speaker? Lastly, what are the benefits of managing your speech effectively and speaking more fluently? [...]