Dhruv gives a speech at a Toastmaster’s competition and wins first place!

Dhruv attended our intensive therapy program this past January and he recently rejoined his local Toastmaster's club in Guangzhou, China. On March 23rd, he competed in a Toastmaster's divisional speech contest and won second place with his speech titled, "Turn-Around Thinking." In the speech, Dhruv shares about attending the intensive therapy program at AIS, and [...]

Jon Paul talks about self-advertising his stuttering and the subway challenge

In this video blog, Jon Paul discusses self-advertising his stuttering and the subway challenge. As we mentioned in a previous post, Jon Paul attended the AIS intensive therapy program in May 2005. Thanks again Jon Paul for your willingness to share! For more information about Jon Paul, check out his website.

Eight years after his intensive therapy program, Jon Paul watches his friends and family speech

In May 2005, Jon Paul attended the AIS intensive therapy program for stuttering. Near the end of the program, he and the other participants gave speeches to invited friends and family. Recently Jon Paul visited with us watched the video of his speech. In this video blog, Jon Paul discusses the impact of watching that [...]

Dhruv discusses stuttering, Toastmaster’s, and the AIS intensive program

written by: Dhruv Gupta Toastmasters & Stuttering. Can the two really go together? Many would consider them contradictory. I consider them complementary. I joined Toastmasters in January 2010. The primary reason I joined was because I stutter - I have been since I was eight years old. A friend had told me “Toastmasters makes you [...]


The January 2013 intensive therapy program here at AIS will come to an end this Friday. We've regularly encouraged these clients to think of this therapy experience as the beginning, rather than the end. After all, the meaning of commencement is, "a start, or a beginning." As such, at the end of the week, they [...]

January intensive therapy program begins

Yesterday, we began an intensive therapy program with eight courageous people who stutter. These eight individuals will be spending a lot of time at AIS over the next three weeks, and they'll be making big changes in their lives. The staff at AIS is excited to suport them on this journey. If you're interested in [...]