Accepting stuttering: Mike’s Friends and Family Day speech

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At the end of every AIS intensive stuttering therapy program, we have Friends and Family Day, where clients invite their friends and family to watch them give a speech. It's the highlight of every intensive program here, when the clients face their fears and embrace the freedom to speak. The August intensive program had their [...]

Our 4th Annual Fundraiser Gala: articles and photos

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Our 4th Annual Fundraiser Gala was held Monday night, and it was a phenomenal evening. Catherine was lovingly remembered, our honorees energized the crowd, and our clients touched the hearts of everyone in the room. A full write-up is in the works. In the meantime, here are two articles relating to the gala: Clarence Page [...]

Our beloved Catherine Otto Montgomery (1951–2010)

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Our dear founder and Executive Director of AIS, Catherine Otto Montgomery, passed away last week after an extended fight against cancer. A week later, we are still processing this loss in the midst of keeping the work of AIS going. The work before us is imposing, but with the AIS family behind us and Catherine's [...]