25 Jan 2011

Clarence Page on ‘The King’s Speech’: A stutter unfit for a king

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The King's Speech continues to carry royal momentum into this year's Academy Awards, receiving 12 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director, and nods for its three leads, Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter. We're happy to share an article that Clarence Page, award-winning journalist and AIS Board member, wrote about the film [...]

28 Oct 2010

British Stammering Association chief talks to Colin Firth about stuttering, ‘The King’s Speech’

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Chief Executive of the British Stammering Association Norbert Lieckfeldt spoke with Colin Firth about stuttering and his portrayal of King George VI of England in The King's Speech. Extensive and fascinating, their exchange is more a conversation between friends than an interview. Some notable quotes from Firth: "But my main concern really has been - [...]

21 Oct 2010

International Stuttering Awareness Day: Show us your best stutter!

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The American Institute for Stuttering recognizes International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) on Friday, October 22. ISAD is a day to raise public awareness and understanding of the disorder of stuttering, which affects 3 million Americans and 60 million people around the world. To celebrate this day, AIS wants to see our friends' best stutter. On [...]

19 Oct 2010

The history behind ‘The King’s Speech’: Listen to King George VI himself

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As is well-documented on The AIS Blog, we are excited about the film The King’s Speech. We’re so looking forward to this movie, that we searched for audio of King George VI to get a historical perspective on His Majesty’s speech. Fortunately, we found a recording of the George VI’s broadcast to the nation as [...]

12 Oct 2010

‘The King’s Speech’ scores another festival win

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The King's Speech continues to get the royal treatment from film festival audiences. On Sunday, the film won the audience award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. As we head into movie awards season, the Academy Award for Best Picture seems to have two front-runners: The Social Network (about the events behind the founding of [...]

6 Oct 2010

Recent HS grad believes stuttering led to unfair arrest

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When Alex Fernandez was stopped for speeding on a college campus, it should have been, at most, a minor run-in with the law. However, his traffic stop ended with an arrest, and he believes that it was because he stutters. Fernandez, a recent high school graduate, was visiting the campus of Sarasota County Technical Institute [...]

29 Sep 2010

2009 Gala honoree Joe Moglia: From the business world to the football field

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At last year's gala, we honored TD Ameritrade Chairman Joe Moglia with the Freeing Voices, Changing Lives award for his accomplishments as a person who stutters. At that gala, Joe gave a rousing address, covering his childhood in Queens to his 16 years as a high school and college football coach to his remarkable success [...]

24 Sep 2010

The King’s Speech: How a King of England faced his stuttering

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The trailer is now out for the film The King's Speech, which stars Colin Firth as George VI, the King of England during World War II and a person who stuttered. The film looks gorgeous and evocative and has made impressive showings on the film festival circuit. The film recently won the People's Choice Award [...]

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