Katherine Preston on her new book

Katherine Preston is the author of Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice. She visited AIS to several years ago in order to interview Catherine Montgomery and visit with our Tuesday night support/practice group. Its been along time coming, but her book is finally hitting the shelves! She was kind enough to [...]

Dr. Lee Reeves: Accepting stuttering does not mean giving up

Dr. Lee Reeves is the former Chairman of the National Stuttering Association and currently serves as its Membership Chairman. He is a veterinarian in Dallas and a close friend of AIS. Lee recently wrote an excellent piece on the acceptance of one's stuttering and gave us permission to reprint it here. Acceptance is a frequently [...]

Simon Boughey visits with the AIS Blog.

We're blessed to have served so many wonderful people. In this post, British actor and writer Simon Boughey shares about his history and friendship with the American Institute for Stuttering. Thanks Simon, for taking the time out to see us, whenever you're here in NYC.