The Courage to Stop Running

Mark O'Malia, M.S., CF-SLP has experience at AIS as a client, graduate student intern, and staff clinician. Below is his story, in his own words. Check out his bio on our Staff & Board page.   The Courage to Stop Running I remember sitting up nearly every night as a child, calculating all of the different speaking situations [...]

Four videos of Sid from the AIS intensive program

Every time a person completes an intensive program here at AIS, we provide them with the videos we recorded during their experience. Sid participated in the July 2015 two-week intensive program and he gave us permission to share all four of his videos. Thank you Sid! On the first day of the intensive program, Sid [...]

How AIS helped to free my voice and change my life

Written By Jeremiah Kitchen I didn't speak much at all from ages 18-30. It was very difficult for me to communicate due to the severity of my stuttering. I avoided speaking as much as I could, and spoke only when necessary and with as few words as possible. I had developed a lifestyle of silence, [...]

Valerie shares her recent experience with the AIS intensive program

Valerie participated in the January 2015 intensive therapy program here at AIS. Here she talks about what she did and didn't expect to achieve during the program, the subway challenge, and about how stuttering is different for her in English and Spanish. To learn more about therapy at the American Institute for Stuttering, visit [...]

Intensive therapy for adults: Mark discusses the first week of his intensive program

After completing the first week of the August three-week intensive therapy program, Mark talks about his reasons for choosing the AIS intensive program, and about his experiences so far. Thanks, Mark, for your willingness to share. To learn more about therapy at the American Institute for Stuttering, visit Follow AIS on Facebook at [...]

Extreme desensitization: Umang talks about the subway challenge

Umang accepted the subway challenge while participating in the May 2013 intensive therapy program at the American Institute for Stuttering. The subway challenge is not a required activity in the AIS intensive program, but a challenge for those willing to work on desensitization in an extreme manner. Let us know if you have any questions [...]