Eight years after his intensive therapy program, Jon Paul watches his friends and family speech

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In May 2005, Jon Paul attended the AIS intensive therapy program for stuttering. Near the end of the program, he and the other participants gave speeches to invited friends and family. Recently Jon Paul visited with us watched the video of his speech. In this video blog, Jon Paul discusses the impact of watching that [...]

Being a teenager who stutters

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Jodriann regularly attends our weekly teen therapy group. He agreed to share with our blog by answering a few questions about being a teen who stutters. Jodriann is no stranger to the AIS Blog. In 2009, he gave a speech at the AIS gala and was kind enough to share his feelings about the speech [...]

Marc Winski on NSA Family Radio

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On Tuesday, AIS client Marc Winski joined NSA Family Radio for a call in show themed "Musicians Who Stutter." NSA Family Radio is hosted by blogtalkradio and is one of the many wonderful resources available from the National Stuttering Association. Marc has enjoyed singing and acting since childhood and has recently played roles in numerous off-broadway shows. In [...]

Accepting stuttering: Mike’s Friends and Family Day speech

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At the end of every AIS intensive stuttering therapy program, we have Friends and Family Day, where clients invite their friends and family to watch them give a speech. It's the highlight of every intensive program here, when the clients face their fears and embrace the freedom to speak. The August intensive program had their [...]