Chamonix discusses Board Recognition for stuttering specialists

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Chamonix talks about her second presentation at the 2009 ASHA Convention in New Orleans: a poster about Board Recognized Specialists in Fluency Disorders. Board Recognized Specialists are individuals who have demonstrated a high level of clinical expertise in treating fluency disorders like stuttering, advanced knowledge, and a commitment to serving people with fluency disorders. Catherine [...]

Chamonix and Carl say hi from ASHA

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The 2009 ASHA Convention was held last week in New Orleans. Chamonix and Carl went down to The Big Easy to meet with colleagues and share their expert knowledge of stuttering therapy through their presentations. Here's a little video of them saying hi from ASHA. Coming soon, we'll post info on both what they taught [...]

AIS crashes New Orleans: The 2009 ASHA Convention

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Chamonix and Carl arrived today in New Orleans to attend the annual convention for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). ASHA is the professional association for speech-language pathologists and other speech, language, and hearing clinicians and scientists. Both Chamonix and Carl will conduct presentations to share their expert knowledge in stuttering therapy and educate those who [...]

It’s been a week of chaos at AIS

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The pictures are crooked on the walls. The furniture is overturned. The watercooler jugs have served as piñatas. Both Catherine and Chamonix have been on vacation for the week, and that means Guys' Week at AIS! Have you ever seen Animal House? Well, it's actually nothing like that. We admit that it's been tame around [...]

Catching up with AIS

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The whirlwind summer at AIS continues! In June, we ran from the Benefit Gala to an intensive program. Then, after the June intensive program ended, we jumped right into the July program. We're in week 2 of the July program now, and the group has bonded as usual. We look forward to getting to know [...]

Quick news and photos from our best benefit gala yet

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Last night's 3rd Annual AIS Benefit gala exceeded all expectations! The honorees, the client speeches, the auction, the food, and the music were all amazing. We are reminded this time every year that many people out there truly believe in our cause and want to do something about it. Only hours after the gala ended, [...]

AIS Honoree Emily Blunt stops by the AIS office

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Much loved and honored British actress Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada, Sunshine Cleaning, The Young Victoria) stopped by the AIS office this morning. She and TD Ameritrade CEO Joe Moglia are being honored tonight at our 3rd Annual Benefit Gala with the Freeing Voices, Changing Lives award, which recognizes individuals who have worked through [...]