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Jon Paul’s friends and family speech from May 2005

By |2017-02-19T06:26:56+00:00April 25th, 2013|Intensive Programs, People Who Stutter, Public Speaking|

As promised in a recent blog post, this is a video of the speech that Jon Paul Ruggeiri gave to a group of friends and family near the end of his intensive therapy program at AIS in May, 2005.

Eight years after his intensive therapy program, Jon Paul watches his friends and family speech

By |2017-02-19T06:26:56+00:00April 22nd, 2013|Client Stories, Intensive Programs, People Who Stutter, Public Speaking, Therapy for Stuttering|

In May 2005, Jon Paul attended the AIS intensive therapy program for stuttering. Near the end of the program, he and the other participants gave speeches to invited friends and family. Recently Jon Paul visited with us watched the video of his speech. In this video blog, Jon Paul discusses the impact of watching that [...]

Dhruv discusses stuttering, Toastmaster’s, and the AIS intensive program

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00April 2nd, 2013|Intensive Programs, People Who Stutter, Public Speaking, Therapy for Stuttering|

written by: Dhruv Gupta Toastmasters & Stuttering. Can the two really go together? Many would consider them contradictory. I consider them complementary. I joined Toastmasters in January 2010. The primary reason I joined was because I stutter - I have been since I was eight years old. A friend had told me “Toastmasters makes you [...]

Katherine Preston on her new book

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00March 28th, 2013|Featured, Friends, News in Stuttering, People Who Stutter|

Katherine Preston is the author of Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice. She visited AIS to several years ago in order to interview Catherine Montgomery and visit with our Tuesday night support/practice group. Its been along time coming, but her book is finally hitting the shelves! She was kind enough to [...]

Setting daily objectives

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00March 22nd, 2013|Intensive Programs, People Who Stutter, Therapy for Stuttering, Voluntary Stuttering|

In this video, AIS client Jacquelyn discusses her current daily challenge of voluntary stuttering with three strangers per day. Jacquelyn previously shared about being and actress who stutters, and recently started her own blog, StutterGirl.

Is stuttering genetic?

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00March 20th, 2013|Featured, Research|

written by: Dr. Heather Grossman People who stutter often report that they have other relatives who stutter. However, this finding alone does not prove that stuttering is genetic; one could argue that a child can come to stutter by imitation.  Further complicating the issue is the fact that not all people who stutter actually have [...]

Being a teacher who stutters

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00March 11th, 2013|People Who Stutter|

Michael Taub is a past client at the American Institute for Stuttering. He attended an intensive therapy program several years ago, and he regularly attends our Tuesday night practice/support group. Recently, he shared a story with us about his experiences as a student teacher in a middle school classroom. He was kind enough to share [...]

Children who stutter – Fun ways to practice speech tools!

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00March 4th, 2013|Children Who Stutter, Therapy for Stuttering|

Written by: Dr. Heather Grossman We recently posted on the importance of listening.  It is more important to focus on what your child is saying than on how he or she is saying it. The speech therapist working with you and your child will help you determine when the time is right to actively integrate [...]

Being a teenager who stutters

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00February 26th, 2013|Client Stories, People Who Stutter, School, Therapy for Stuttering|

Jodriann regularly attends our weekly teen therapy group. He agreed to share with our blog by answering a few questions about being a teen who stutters. Jodriann is no stranger to the AIS Blog. In 2009, he gave a speech at the AIS gala and was kind enough to share his feelings about the speech [...]

Tim McCarren: A Leap of Faith

By |2017-02-19T06:26:57+00:00February 20th, 2013|People Who Stutter|

Recently, Tim McCarren reached out to the American Institute for Stuttering about a documentary that will feature his story as an aspiring actor who stutters. He let us know that in order for the film to be produced, he and the creative team need to raise some money. Tim is a past client of ours, [...]